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Wisdom Tales from Africa


Wisdom Tales From Africa

Retold and edited by Magdalene Sacranie

Date: Saturday, November 11 at 9 AM PDT


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Cost: Suggested donation $10 US.
We will offer this program free to those whose resources are limited.


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Wisdom Tales from Africa is an anthology of stories from several African traditions. Wisdom stories were traditionally told by the elders of the group, and besides being a wonderful source of entertainment, they served to emphasize the consequences of certain behavior.

The wisdom, truths and meaning of these ancient stories will resonate in different ways with people everywhere. They have a universal power to connect us to each other for the greater good which is exactly what The Charter for Compassion is all about. We invite you to celebrate and enjoy Wisdom Tales from Africa as a precious gift to be received and passed on.


About Magdalene Sacranie


Magdalene Sacranie first visited Malawi as a physiotherapist with VSO in 1969. There she met her husband, and became captivated by the warmth of the people and their rich cultural heritage. In 2022, she dedicated this book to the Charter for Compassion.

In buying Wisdom Tales from Africa, you will help support the Charter's bold and audacious vision:

Compassion in Action is the path to a world that is peaceful, joyful and works for all Life.

The book was beautifully illustrated by artist Sarah Bramley, who lives and works in Edinburgh, UK.





Moses Machipisa

An educator by training, Moses Machipisa has spearheaded various youth initiatives in his country in civic leadership development and volunteering.

Among some of his accomplishments, his project on the application of social media in advancing youth civic participation which trained 1300 youth leaders in Zimbabwe on active citizenship was presented and selected as one of the top three innovations in democracy at the World Forum for Democracy 2016.

Between March 2018 and December 2019, Moses led one of the largest volunteer movements in Zimbabwe under the #ThisIsMyHOME Campaign in response to a Cholera outbreak in some of the high-density suburbs within the capital city, Harare.

#ThisIsMyHOME engaged more than 3500 volunteers and had a direct impact of 40 000 beneficiaries who received information on Cholera prevention and handwashing training and disaster relief support. #ThisIsMyHOME was also instrumental in the response to Cyclone Idai which devastated Zimbabwe in 2019.

Moses Is also actively involved in promoting access to quality Education in marginalized rural communities in Zimbabwe.

Moses was also part of the Inaugural cohort of the. Moses is an Alumni Capernaum Scholar and Alumni Global Thinkers Forum Mentee (Telemachus 2019).

He is also a Harvard Kennedy Executive Education School Alumni (Leading Non-Violent Movements for Social Progress) and alumni of the prestigious Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Fellowship.

In 2020 Moses was identified as one of Zimbabwe’s emerging young leaders under The Sxoll Fellowship.

Moses is a Global Citizenship and Civic Education Advocate. He is currently a 2021 Apolitical Academy Fellow which is an incubation program for the next generation of public leaders. Moses is passionate about Ubuntu leadership  and is the Secretary general of the Ubuntu Global Network.

He believes in the power of young people in transforming Africa. He currently sits on the board of  The Charter For Compassion as a trustee.



Babalwa Ngcongolo

Babalwa Ngcongolo is a diversity, equity and transformation consultant, a social justice educator, activist and facilitator. Her work focuses on engaging young people on the challenges and opportunities for creating new and future focused solutions for social cohesion, peace and justice.

Ngcongolo has experience working with schools, universities, the civil and private sector to develop and implement strategic processes for dialogue, collaboration and community building on a global, local and institutional level.

Ngcongolo has coordinated youth leadership programs, developed diversity curricula and facilitated diversity-focused interventions for national and international audiences. Her work aims to instill an intersectional context so as to unearth the interconnectedness of the world's most pressing issues, and the systemic solutions that may emanate from this nuanced lens.

Ngcongolo has been trained and has experience in Design Thinking, Interfaith Collaboration, Peace-building and Inclusive Leadership methodologies. These influence her role in facilitating dialogue that is empathetic, yet challenging of norms that are rooted in discrimination and injustice.

Ngcongolo aspires to codify equity, justice and kindness in to the simplest and most complex interactions across all communities.

She holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in Economics and Finance from the University of Cape Town (UCT) in South Africa.



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