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Charter for Compassion Pakistan Graduates Its First Class of Mumkin

According to famous saying; if you educate a woman you educate an entire generation. A woman is the nucleus of a household and plays a major role in raising her children. Research shows that children of educated mothers are better in terms of health and behavior then children of an illiterate woman. In addition to education; compassion, perseverance and ethical values are extremely important for a society to thrive in a healthy manner. Therefore, there is no doubt that a well educated woman with the right values and ethics has a positive effect on family and society.


Following this research, Charter for Compassion Pakistan (CFC) launched a project titled ‘Mumkin’which is committed towards empowering women through socioeconomic enterprise and provides with economic avenues and behavioral training that will enable the development of a vibrant community driven by compassionate values and ideals. The term ‘Mumkin’ means ‘possible’, thereby emphasizing the project’s core belief that anything is possible for the women of today. The Project has been launched in Karachi in a bid to serve the densely populated and under served community of Korangi. Some of the core elements of the project include:

  • Classes for fashion design training which will focus on sewing, stitching and sketching.
  • Classes on entrepreneurship to encourage free enterprise
  • Sessions on compassionate business values to encourage communal and business ethics
  • A retail space in the community for women to sell their products with sustainability and security

The goal is therefore to create a learning center which will allow women to break inter-generational cycles of poverty through education and skill training. By creating avenues for economic empowerment, the project will enable women to become active participants within their community and agents of socioeconomic change. ‘Mumkin’ is therefore a chance for women to reclaim their future and drive sustainable development within their communities.

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