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The Compassionate Women have spoken Now What?

Charter for Compassion


"We don't know where we are going, but we know we are on our way."

The Charter for Compassion Women and Girls sector understands the power of sisterhood and unity. Saturday’s March for Women’s Rights confirmed what we know to be true… across the planet, there were 463 recorded marches and 4,876,700 pairs of feet on the ground. Each one, a joyous and peaceful event. Around the world, "Women's Rights are Humans Rights!" filled the air in multiple languages, proving we are indeed, one interrelated global family.  People of all ages and genders, from all walks of life, marched displaying colorful language, inspirational quotes, demands, prayers, and defiant messages. The creative messages on the homemade signs became our motivating force.

The new US Presidential Administration and the run-away assaults on our planet, human rights, and democracy that they are inflicting is outrageous and offensive. These are unprecedented times which call for unprecedented responses.  It is said that the darkest part of the night is just before dawn. On Saturday, January 21, 2017, the sun’s rays began to shine. Together we began to face a new understanding of ourselves and the meaning of our collective power.

Regardless of what or who inspired this rise in energy, we need to protect all that we consider sacred and we know we cannot do it alone.  We are beyond hierarchical power structures at this point, and must work together to restore active compassion and dignity to the center of global decision making. The Charter for Compassion International has a unique responsibility in this movement, from hosting the Cities of Compassion Initiative to serving as a platform for our partners by providing connectivity, resources and tools to work collaboratively across sectors.  By addressing our interrelated problems, we ensure the sustainability of our common efforts.

Karen Armstrong said, "Compassion is not an option, it's a key to our survival."  The Women and Girls Sector recognizes our pivotal role in this task. We want to elevate leadership around the world and our Ambassador Program provides opportunity for voices to be heard and leadership to be empowered, wherever you are.  We consider our Ambassadors to be the true leaders of this sector, informing the Global Task Force.  

2 Urgent Messages

  • An "Urgent Call From The Spirit of The Feminine" - Grandmother Flordemayo, a founding member of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers brings us this urgent message in a monthly call series. Our next call is Feb 23rd. Register Here 
  • "An Urgent Message From Your Children" -  Our Partner Organization and good friends, We The World, bring us “We Your Children” Initiative—a way for more children's voices to be heard. Watch and listen here! 

What Next?  

Work together on these initiatives:

Please note, these are just a few ways to get involved… Hopefully they will serve as inspiration!

  • Courage2Love: 45 Days of Compassionate Conversations” bridges the Women’s March and International Women's Day. We are providing a safe space for dialogues that are difficult and an opportunity to voice our fears in a safe and respectful way. Questions are posed and we want to hear your voice. Find our conversations here.. 
  • Women's March: 10 Actions for the first 100 Days
  • #IMARCHWITHLINDA  Women's March on Washington co-chair, Linda Sarsour, is on the receiving end of a terrible smear campaign and violent threats. This is what Islamophobia looks like, demonizing an entire religion and attacking a beloved and recognized leader simply for her faith. On Saturday, Linda shared with us how Muslim Americans need us to surround and protect them, saying “sisters and brothers, YOU are my hope for my community.” (Watch the full speech here) #IMarchWithLinda on Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
  • Standing Rock: Our Partner The Parliament of the World's Religions addresses Standing Rock with action items. HERE
  • Take Action Against DAPL
  • Understand Islamaphobia Islamophobia Help Guide

Find A Partner - Looking for organizations working in your field of interest? Start With Our Partners. From our home page, find "Partners" in their respective sectors HERE

What role will compassion play in these historic times? How can we women embody, birth, and put into action care, compassion, and dignity?  The Charter for Compassion Women and Girls Sector commits to continually asking these questions. We want to hear the voices of women and men who work to improve conditions for all of us, irrespective of gender and religion.  Speak up here..

With Radical Love and Fierce Compassion,

Sande Hart and Lisa Berkley

Charter for Compassion International Women and Girls Global Task Force Members


Thank you for your donation, a love offering that we commit to use to expland the quality and edges of our work. Donate HERE. 


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