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Scarf Bombardiers

“Scarf Bombardiers” is a phrase I never expected to write or encounter, but I am grateful I did! Why? Because “scarf bombing” and the “bombardiers” who engage in this activity, are graciously warming bodies and hearts in Pennsylvania, USA, and spreading the word through their Scarf Bombardiers Facebook page. The idea behind scarf bombing? Leave scarves in local places, such as libraries, bus stops, college campuses, or other civic spaces with notes attached to let individuals know that they are free for the taking to help keep them warm. 

Pittsburg, PA Scarf Bombardier Suzanne Volpe got the idea in 2014 when she saw a Facebook post of someone leaving scarves on a tree and told a friend in Connecticut about it, who then conducted a scarf bombing in her neighborhood, according to a story by Yi-Jin Yu with ABC News and Good Morning America. According to Yu, Volpe said to her Connecticut friend, “Oh, somebody should do that here.” Her friend reminded her, “Well, you’re somebody.” So began the Scarf Bombardiers project in Harrisburg, her former hometown, and in her current hometown of Pittsburg. After her first scarf bombing, Volpe started the Scarf Bombardiers Facebook page, linked above, which now boasts 1.8 thousand followers, and the group’s local scarf bombing has spread to Blairsville and Kittanning, PA. 

While Volpe crochets and often shares her handiwork, other scarves are more simply made from fleece fabric or are store-bought. What matters the most is that Bombardiers “share warmth and caring,” as their Facebook page so aptly declares. And that sharing includes getting others involved. Volpe’s Scarf Bombardiers group has worked with their local Girl Scouts troop and with individual volunteers to donate their talents, time, and scarf tying skills, spreading the love—and warmth—to their community. 

What a simply beautiful idea! For more on the idea of scarf bombing and becoming a Scarf Bombardier, check out the Volunteer from Home page, Become a Scarf Bomber and a Scarf Bombardier. This site provided links to get started quickly and easily, either by donating materials or engaging in your own scarf-bombing campaign. After all, YOU are “somebody,” too! Might you bet he somebody who starts a local Scarf Bombardiers group? This simple act could make a difference for so many people. Winter is harsh. People are cold. Share the warmth.



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