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Join us each Friday morning at 8:30am PDT for our popular 30 minute Communi-Tea Meditation session. These sessions are a way for us to practice together in community while learning from a variety of meditation teachers. If you RSVP below, you will get a reminder with a link 30 minutes before each event - please RSVP even if you can't make each week so you don't miss out.

Register for the Tea and to listen to archived recordings.



Hello friends!

Thank you for being a member of the Community of Mindful Families (CMF). We want to keep you up to date with our offerings over the next few weeks. We will have Communi-Tea on December 22nd with our wonderful Linette Bixby but will be taking a winter break until January 12th so we can all enjoy some wintering before we begin the new year.

We look forward to next year along with some new offerings in Community of Mindful Families. Please see below for an amazing offering from our beloved Elizabeth Lin, MD. What a treat!  We will also be restarting our monthly Gathering in February. If you have a gift you'd like to share with the community, please let us know!

We also wanted to offer you a wonderful meditation Elizabeth led a few weeks ago. So many of you found it nourishing that we wanted to make sure it landed in your inbox. See below for link.

We have many new members, so welcome to you all! We are thrilled you are here. We invite you to attend the events within and outside our community below. 


The CMF Team


Listen to Meditation on Compassion with Equanimity with Elizabeth Lin



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