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Statement on the Hamas—Israeli War

The loss of life in the ongoing war between Hamas and Israel reminds us of the importance of compassion, kindness, and understanding in our interactions with others. It encourages us to treat each other with care. Harming and taking of life is wrong and each of us as individuals can speak to this. We must move forward to provide a safe sacred space between the sides of war.

The Charter for Compassion (CFC), as an organization is committed to the values of human rights, justice, and dignity. CFC is deeply concerned about the ongoing humanitarian crises in the world, especially in the Hamas and Israeli war and the subsequent conflicts that are taking place in the Middle East and globally, which have caused immense suffering and loss of life. We grieve and we call 

for an immediate cessation of hostilities and the pursuit of peaceful and diplomatic solutions to resolve conflicts in the region. The cycle of violence must be broken to bring relief and hope to the people affected. 

We firmly stand for the protection of human rights for all individuals, regardless of their nationality, religion, or ethnicity. It is essential to ensure that the rights and dignity of all people are respected.

We urge the international community to provide humanitarian assistance and refuge for those who have been forced to flee their homes due to violence and instability. It is our collective responsibility to offer support and sanctuary to those in need.

We advocate for open and inclusive dialogue among all parties involved in these conflicts. Compassionate communication and negotiation are essential for lasting peace and reconciliation.

We encourage the active engagement of civil society organizations, including those working on humanitarian relief, human rights advocacy, and peace-building, to address the root causes of conflicts and alleviate the suffering of affected populations.


The Middle East is a region rich in cultural and religious diversity. We emphasize the importance of respecting and preserving this diversity, which is integral to the history and identity of the region.

We believe in the importance of gender equality and the empowerment of women in building peaceful and just societies. Gender perspectives should be integrated into all peace and relief efforts.

The crisis in Gaza and Israel is not isolated; it has implications for the entire global community. We call for international cooperation, compassion, and solidarity to address these complex challenges. In addition to immediate relief efforts, we emphasize the importance of addressing the root causes of conflict and instability, including political, economic, and social factors.

The Charter for Compassion is committed to promoting a world where compassion guidesour actions and decisions. In the face of the suffering in the Middle East, we believe that our shared humanity calls upon us to work tirelessly for peace, justice, and the dignity of all people in the region and beyond. This is a personal issue for each of us. It demands our compassion for self and others. 

In the face of loss, people come together to support one another, we remember with heavy sorrow those who have passed and those who are suffering, and in this grief let us find courage and strength to move forward. It is a shared human experience that prompts reflection on the fragility and resilience of life and the values that guide our actions and relationships.



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