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People You Should Know

Isabel Wilkerson

People You Should Know

Isabel Wilkerson

Isabel Wilkerson, received the 2021 Karen Armstrong Humanitarian Award.

Isabel Wilkerson, a prolific author and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, stands as a powerful voice in contemporary literature, unraveling the intricate threads of history to shed light on the human experience. Born on September 5, 1961, in Washington, D.C., Wilkerson has crafted a body of work that transcends genres, delving into the depths of societal structures, injustices, and the resilience of the human spirit.

Wilkerson's intellectual journey began at Howard University, where she earned her bachelor's degree in journalism. Her commitment to storytelling and the pursuit of truth became evident early on, foreshadowing a career that would redefine how we perceive the intricate tapestry of American history.

Wilkerson's career in journalism soared as she became the first African American woman to win the Pulitzer Prize in Journalism, awarded for her work as Chicago Bureau Chief of The New York Times. Her dedication to investigative reporting and her keen understanding of societal dynamics laid the groundwork for her transition into literary exploration.

In 2010, Wilkerson published her groundbreaking and critically acclaimed work, "The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America's Great Migration." This magnum opus meticulously chronicles the migration of African Americans from the Southern United States to northern and western cities between 1915 and 1970. Wilkerson's narrative prowess, coupled with extensive research, brought to life the untold stories of those who sought refuge from Jim Crow laws, offering a poignant exploration of the impact of migration on individual lives and the nation as a whole.

Continuing her exploration of the complex layers of American society, Wilkerson published "Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents" in 2020. This profound work dissects the often invisible yet pervasive caste system in the United States, drawing parallels with India and Nazi Germany. Wilkerson's insightful analysis challenges readers to confront the deeply ingrained structures that shape social hierarchies and perpetuate systemic inequalities.

Isabel Wilkerson's writing holds immense importance in reshaping historical narratives and fostering a deeper understanding of societal structures. Through her meticulous research, empathetic storytelling, and courageous exploration of uncomfortable truths, Wilkerson dismantles preconceptions and urges readers to engage critically with the past and present. Her work serves as a beacon, illuminating the obscured corners of history and inspiring conversations that propel society towards empathy, justice, and a shared commitment to a more equitable future.

In the grand tapestry of literature, Isabel Wilkerson's contributions stand as pillars of insight, inviting readers to confront uncomfortable truths, embrace the richness of diverse experiences, and work collectively towards a world defined by compassion and justice.



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