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Progress is Slow and Steady

Zen garden with a rock with the title Progress is Slow and Steady


Like most of us, I imagine, when something needs maintenance, I like a quick fix or even better—a cheap quick fix. But when it sounds too good to be true... It usually is, and sometimes, especially in the case of work needed to save our planet and humanity, the necessary work is so fundamental that it is a long-term undertaking.

Of course, our planet's huge problems need to be addressed by international laws and governments. However, problems, as is true for all living things, are rooted in something. The Charter for Compassion works toward change at the root level. By feeding the soil and the root, whatever living creature we are talking about will grow AND thrive. By addressing the base or root of existing issues, we can prevent future disease and provide an environment that encourages strength and growth.

Last winter, I shared in a newsletter my visual analogy of working at the Charter and how step by step, even though it sometimes—especially when I want that quick fix, feels like inch by inch, we move forward on the seesaw toward the tipping point. While moving toward it feels painfully slow, I look forward to that point where, suddenly, we are there, so many of us on that seesaw—working toward compassion for all living beings, that it's there: The Tipping Point

Big changes occur and the seesaw lands on the other side and our work is coming to fruition. I can almost feel the movement happening in my body when I focus on it.

What are we working on? 2022 has been a year with lots of achievements and foundations solidly set. We now have the Map of Co-Creators, which enables all of us that work toward a more just world for all, or those of us who have been thinking about committing to that work, to see each other and to be seen, and connect and work together. It is so encouraging and exciting to see who else is on that seesaw with me!

The Grassroots Wisdom Book is something else that will help us all connect and, in this case, duplicate or adjust the brilliant success stories it contains to our local situations and specific needs.

When I think of roots, I also think of new growth and youth, and the future. We have begun to connect our compassion work with youth, in schools and other environments. Connecting youth, enabling awareness and compassion in the knowledge that equal growth around the globe creates strength and resilience, and a better world for all.

Connection, unity, and equality bring strength and peace, and isn't that what we all want—everywhere?

If only there were a quick, cheap, fix...
We are in it for the long haul. 

We, at the Charter, want to be in it for the long haul, but we need your help. It would be fabulous if there were some billionaires who would support our work, instead of becoming space tourists, but since none have come rushing forward, that thought seems to be in the quick-fix category. Slow but steady wins the race. 

Keep us going, commit to a sustaining contribution of however much you can spare, and join us on the seesaw. Become a sustaining donor through our website, or through our Facebook Campaign to have your donation matched by META until Dec 31.


With warmest regards,

Lynn de Vree