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Blog Posts 2022

We Have a New Website...!

A screenshot of the new website showing the new home page and menus.

Dear Charter family and friends!

We are excited to debut our new website! 

NEW Website, SAME URL:

The upgrade comes at a time when we needed to have better formatting for different screen sizes and platforms (now the website looks impeccable on mobile phones, tablets, etc.) The website also has more user-friendly ways to get the same information as our old website, and to put the cherry on top, it has a prettier design!

We invite you to explore it, and discover the little things that make this new version our most favorite yet!

Know that we are still working on fully finishing it with information and capabilities like our calendar. We hope all these things will be ready by October at the latest!


Check out this week's Charter LIve with Felipe (aired on August 3, 2023) with special guest Natalia Zurita, our web developer, and the lead for this massive project. 


Big thanks to Natalia, Marilyn, and the rest of the Charter staff for helping with this major task! We are now in the process of getting our new database coordinated correctly with our site to have a fully functioning website in no time! (We cannot wait!)

Feedback is always welcome! 
Send us an email to with your comments or suggestions. We appreciate you for helping us get this website up and running in no time!


Thank you for being patient as we keep processing this mega move for our organization!


with lots of love,