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Charter Staff Member's Reflection--Not in My Name

Illustration of barbed wire with a city in the background.

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Pain pain pain, only loss, nothing to gain

The terrorists are the occupied, all the logic being defied, sure kill them all, it's justified

76 years of our world's worst occupation, and a people's aspiration to be seen, heard, given human validation,

Do we take a stand for those in fear, petrified, extinction near,

It IS possible when we close our eyes, close our ears to drown the cries,

When we allow our leaders speak for us, defend this carnage, sure what's the fuss,

As we sit and watch the unraveling show, called Palestine, we know deep in our guts that this is a massive moment in time, so much more than just another in a long list of war crimes,


It's time to take that crucial stand, reach out your previously hesitant hand, open hearts, mouths and minds, be part of something powerful that binds, to our common humanity, no more to this insanity, it's not a war, it's not a conflict of two equal sides, that's just not reality,

it's a recurring Holocaust carried out by those already victims of that genocide, it wasn't Palestine who did, it was Europe, we've nowhere to run and hide, but no more to this Genocide,

not in our name, allowed by guilt, tormented by our shame, not in our name we justify oppression of this scale or size, not in our name we allow Gaza go up in smoke and flames to blooded skies,

not in our name or in our hands one million young lives.