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40 Days of Peace 2024

Feast for the Soul

Feast for the Soul

Feast for the Soul

Many people look forward to the annual Feast for the Soul - an annual 40-day spiritual practice journey for self-discovery via mindfulness, meditation, and creating community. You can think of it as a personal retreat whereby you commit and immerse yourself in 40 days of spiritual practice from January 15 through February 23. Whether you meditate, dance, paint, practice yoga, or observe another spiritual practice, the Feast is a beautiful way to begin the new year with a more mindful and compassionate way of living. You are invited to join us in whatever way you can.

The Feast provides free resources, support, and teachings year round that you can access anytime, including the master meditation index which provides you with meditations, inspiration, and guidance from an array of teachers from many spiritual traditions around the globe. You are invited to participate in the Feast no matter where you are, what your spiritual practice is, or how experienced you feel.

When you do, you'll join the tens of thousands of people who join the Feast for 40 days, and be part of a community committed to creating more peace on this planet. Who you are and how you live creates a ripple effect. A smile, a compassionate act, a kind word, and a moment of connecting and truly being present with someone is often born from spiritual practice. You and your peacefulness are essential to creating more peace in the world. Now that's a good reason to join the Feast!


January 15 - February 23

Starting on January 15, you can tune in daily each day for 40 days, for a live, guided meditation virtually streamed at 8 am PT, 11 am ET, and 4 pm GMT. These sessions will be recorded and you’ll find them on the YouTube channel.

Learn more about the Feast of the Soul.



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