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40k for 40 Days

February 4:
Day 19

40k for 40 days

February 4: Day 19

Day 19 - Fueling the Fire for Peace

It's something I haven't passed much thought over before today, but just like the fuel we put in a fire to burn well and offer maximum heat with the minimum harmful fumes and output, or the fuel we put it our bodies to move most efficiently and with the least harmful effects on our body and mind, peace, too needs fuel to exist in the first place as I believe it is a living thing. 

It's needs to be ignited just like a fire and it needs to get going with the equivalent of Kindling for a fire or glucose for the body to inject energy and then it needs to keep going with bigger, dry logs for longevity or protein and longer burning carbs for the engine of the body. 

Peace can be fuelled in so many ways, as can fire and the body. By putting in the least harmful components to fuel any of them and the ones that are natural, raw, and clean, we stand the best chance of succeeding and not burning out prematurely. 

Why not fuel peace with a true, clean desire for justice, equity, and compassion rather than anger, revenge, or fear for the benefits of all engaged and affected by the need for peace, like a locally sustainable sources of fuel for a fire rather than imported fossil fuels and locally sourced, seasonal, and sustainable food for our bodies and mind rather than processed, manufactured food products. They are all interdependent and interconnected either way. 


Shane O’Connor



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