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40k for 40 Days

February 6:
Day 21

40k for 40 days

February 6: Day 21

Day 21 - Peace Doesn't Take a Rest

When it arrives, grab it with both hands, heart, head, stomach, and soul. Sharing it makes it even more real.

Peace is being and feeling in this moment with a sense of contentment, hope, appreciation, gratitude, inner security, optimism, connection, awareness, love, capacity and realness. 

I'm also aware that these moments of true peace are not necessarily permanent, easy to aquire or sustain and so when they come around, I'm doing my best to fully live, enjoy, treasure, cherish and share every single second of this inner and outer peace I can. 

Knowing we are all on a journey of some kind, we all suffer and go through our highs and lows of life and that we are all innately entitled and welcome to moments of peace, for me, makes these moments even more special.


Shane O'Connor



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