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40k for 40 Days

January 18:
Day 2

40k for 40 days

January 18: Day 2

Day 2 - Questions

Today has been more about questions than answers!

It turns out that only day 2, and so many opportunities or options to say, not today, but it's after 1 am in the morning, my children and partner are fast asleep, there is a cold and windy storm raging outside and so, inside became the option to explore peace while moving today.

I'm grateful to have borrowed an old static bike from my father-in-law who lives close by, and jumped on the saddle just before midnight to keep the journey on track.

It feels like peace right now, inside and out, to have completed today's +40k, and that peace wasn't the easy option.


My journey of exploration started with the questions

  • How are Peace and trust related?
  • What's the relationship between building trust and integrity with one's self and one's community, as well as with others outside our inner circles, and building Peace?
  • Or what are the relationships between the opposite of whatever we see Peace to be and the breakdown or lack of trust and integrity for one's self and those around us?

Questions, observations, and reflections continue as the rotations of the pedals continue.

Who do we build trust for, and why? If we don't do or act as we intended to, who is the judge, and how does this affect the next scene we find ourselves in?

When we break trust in or with ourselves or our word or if others break down this trust or bond between us, what does this mean, and how do we, and how can we rebuild for ourselves and with others, in order to be in the best place we can for peace to be rebuilt.


Cutting Corners without losing trust in yourself and others. Is it possible?

Peaceful actions and peaceful inactions. Today, my peaceful action or inaction didn't feel like the easiest option but the more peaceful option. Not going outside when the weather is too adverse does not mean or speak to weakness but to strength and discernment. Going outside and creating unnecessary risks to myself and others is not showing strength and resilience but maybe the opposite.

Spending time with and moving with oneself, while observing and being present, can be powerful and provide honest direction, to act as a compass toward inner and outer Peace.

When we truly begin to explore who we are in this moment and ask ourselves consistently, what keeps us moving and what keeps us from moving too? we have fuel for learning and contemplative processing.

Shane O'Connor



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