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40k for 40 Days

January 19:
Day 3

40k for 40 days

January 19: Day 3

Day 3 - Busyness

  • Busy Being Busy Bees, but where is our Peace in these busy days?
  • Who are the real beneficiaries and losers when we are busy consistently, and does it offer us and those around us opportunities for peace, balance, and equanimity, or reject it?
  • Keeping wheels and legs in motion can be important but are we sometimes just busy because we feel the need to be busy because others are too?
  • Do we feel judged if we are not busy or even judge ourselves? Why?
  • Can we be efficient and align with our aspirations without a constant sense of busyness and remain within our integrity and our inner and outer peace?
  • Busyness is very like business. Businesses have products to sell and make a profit, are we selling ourselves for profit? Are we selling ourselves short by being busy too often, and what is the product or profit?

From my lived experience, being over-busy, (whether my motivations have great intentions and a sense of moral grounding or not), only ever results in undesired stress or pressure, less time with my loved ones, less time in nature, and less time spent in my natural state. So, all paths and roads of this cycle would presumably lead to more control of my busyness and making this my business, today. I am in control, and being busy or not is a choice as well as a frame of mind.


Shane O'Connor



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