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40k for 40 Days

January 21:
Day 5

40k for 40 days

January 21: Day 5

Day 5 - Is Peace earned or lived and learned?

Peace to me is...

  • Freedom, Freeness, & to feel Free, to be who, where, what, and how I can be,
  • It's progress, not perfection
  • It's living without constant worry, threat, or fear.
  • It's more than just surviving
  • It's turning right, left, or continuing straight when it feels right to do so
  • It's having options and choices
  • It is a choice
  • It's warming back up when it's cold, next to a friend with an open fire
  • It's my chain functioning and connecting to my gears, breaks, steering, road or path, cars, others passing by, the birds singing, the wind blowing, and me, my body and mind, all in sync, interdependent and truly systematic
  • It's having enough for my family and me
  • It's feeling safe inside and outside
  • It's Being able to manage and navigate mental distraction, distortions, and afflictive mental states
  • It's bombing down a big hill on wheels, skis, or feet and knowing how to stop safely
  • It's skipping or hopping just because, whether young or old
  • It's being able to practice and feel genuine gratitude to its fullest effect
  • It's a feeling of being home
  • It's being able to take risks and risk itself
  • It can be fragile
  • It's a warm hug from someone who gives a shit
  • It's being in open water, turning around, and lying back to have your body fully supported and held up by another bigger body
  • It's Being in nature, and in my nature, while connecting to my beautiful senses, my ancestors, and other living present beings

It is lived and learned.


Shane O'Connor


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