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40k for 40 Days

January 26:
Day 10

40k for 40 days

January 26: Day 10

Day 10 - Turning up

Today, for me, it's about simply turning up, 10 days into this Peace challenge, lots of reflections and observations, lots of Mindful and hopefully Meaningful Kilometres moved (400+) and the knowledge that there are lots more to come, to share, learn and to do too.

Every fiber and cell of my body was screaming "stay in bed", this morning, feeling a little under the weather, tired, lazy, and lacking in energy but also knowing that by getting my ass up and moving, focussing on others while moving and using other types of fuel today, that I can, in turn, feel energized, alive and living this day aligned with my values, and with a sense of Solidarity. This for me is very much being at Peace and a part of pushing towards and for peace, and not just expecting it to happen or come to us. ¼ of the way there, ¾ to go, delayed gratification is also great fuel.

When I mention, 'Solidarity', I really mean two different types; the Internal one (self-compassion, cultivation & acceptance) and the type of Solidarity that is external or outward, both contributing to peace.

Outward or External Solidarity is Turning up, Speaking out, Acting, or Being part of actions when it's often not popular, easy, or supported by those around us. Sometimes, even the opposite, and you feel you must go against those in your inner or outer communities, for something you believe fully will contribute to peace (big or small). 

If there is internal strength, fortitude, connection, and solidarity between all parts of your internal puzzle, that gives us the strong gut feeling and that feeling of knowing (cognitively) something is wrong and you need to play your role in confronting that wrong. This is where our Solidarities intersect and combine.

Turning up, tuning in, speaking, and acting out against any kind of injustice, oppression, or even something you feel is just not right and plainly unfair, that's when it becomes external and outward solidarity, backed by, and fuelled by the inner one. One without the other is just not as powerful or effective. Working on building the inner compass, and values and aligning these values with our own sense of integrity is so valuable and important.

Then, deciding on the best thing to do or sometimes not do, when you see, listen to, and feel those lines being crossed. Deciding how to act, what to say, who to challenge and how to maintain this integrity, energy, and strength while remaining flexible enough to listen and have our perspectives challenged, is a case of progress and not perfection.

I move on to seek more meaning, wisdom, and a sense of guidance. Glad I turned up today and appreciative of the challenge ahead. 


Shane O'Connor



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