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22 Days of Compassion 2022

Transform your Day

Date: March 23rd


6 Minutes to Transform your Day

Minute 1: Silence

I sit in purposeful silence and say a word of prayer to appreciate the moment and thank God for the goodness in my life.

  • As a social worker, your day can be jam packed with visits, telephone calls and emergencies. This can make you feel swamped! However, you can make your day better by not rushing into a hectic day in the morning.
  • Spend the first minute sitting in silence or engage in a guided or unguided meditation.

Why is silence important?

Engaging in this minute of silence helps me find my inner peace. Actively seeking some peace has some health benefits too.

Silence can help lower blood pressure, make you feel at peace mentally, improve your memory and cognition.


Minute 2: Affirmations

  • Affirmations help target the unconscious level of the mind.
  • They help individuals make important changes in their lives.
  • Positive affirmations or statements can help you challenge and overcome self-sabotaging and self-limiting thoughts.
  • When repeated often and believing in them can help make positive, lasting and meaningful changes. 
  • I list my daily affirmations as a social worker below.
  • I read these out loud and it reminds me of how capable I am, gives me a feeling of confidence and a sense of positivity.


Example of positive affirmations:

  1. I am patient
  2. I am a positive person 
  3. I am healthy 
  4. I am who I am and I do not want to be like anyone else. 
  5. I am enough and give enough.
  6. I get better every single day and will continue to grow
  7. I am a confident and amazing person.
  8. All of my problems have solutions and I overcome them every day.
  9. I forgive myself for my mistakes and learn from them.
  10. I put my energy into things that matter to me. 
  11. I am at peace with myself.
  12. I hold no ill feelings against anyone 
  13. I use my time and talent meaningfully
  14. I am proud of who I am today
  15. I am creativity and remain inspired by the world around me 
  16. I give myself and attention to things that matter the most 
  17. I excellent at helping others to inspire them. 
  18. My mind is full of brilliant ideas 
  19. I give myself permission to do what is right for me. 
  20. I am progressing in life and work on myself daily. 
  21. I banish self – doubt 
  22. I learn to love myself each day


What are good daily affirmations?

Good affirmations focus on the mind, body and soul. 

Examples are:

  1. I take care of my wellbeing and focus on what matters. 
  2. My past remains in the past, and it is not a reflection of who I am today or of my future.
  3. I take care of my body by exercising regularly.
  4. I am intelligent enough to make my own decisions.
  5. I’m in control of my behaviour and how I react to others.
  6. I choose peace and sanity in my life. 
  7. I am aware of all the chaos surrounding me, but I rise above them as I am strong. 

Do affirmations work?

When done consistently, positive affirmations inspire and motivate us. In addition, it helps improve our mental wellbeing.


Minute 3: Visualisation

I close my eyes, look at my vision board and visualise. My visualisation includes my goals, what it will look and feel like when I reach them.

I visualise my day is perfect; I visualise myself enjoying work; I visualise myself smiling and actually taking my lunch break! I visualise completing everything on my to–do list.

As a social worker, your vision represents where you want to get to in your professional life and it forms the foundation for success.

Take some time to think about your dreams, aspirations and desires in life. Allow yourself to create vivid pictures of your ultimate work day. Visualise who you will work with and people you will be meeting.

Why is visualisation important?

When you see what your day looks like, you can feel what it feels like and experience that joy of the fruitful and productive day you have created.


Minute 4: Scribing

This is when I write down things I am grateful for, what am proud of, and the ultimate results I am committed to creating for the day. I write down around 10 brief sentences.

Why is scribing important?

Scribing helps me put myself in an empowered, inspired and confident state of mind.

Scribing can also help you gain control of your emotions and improve your mental health.


Minute 5: Reading

I read a page or two of a personal development book or listen to a book on Audible.

Reading personal development books helps me learn success strategies and tips on how to improve my life.

Having an improved life will help increase your confidence and make you feel better to be better.

Being confident will impact on the way you relate with the people you work with and those you support within the community.


Minute 6: Exercise

Finally, I stand up and spend the last-minute doing press-ups for 60 seconds. This gets my heart rate up and makes me feel energised.

Engaging in exercises has a profound positive impact on your mental health. You can simply skip, do some stretches, or walk around the house/indoors.

I find that engaging in the morning exercise helps me feel awake during the day and increases my ability to remain focused and alert.

In addition, it helps boost my overall mood.



Do you have a miracle morning routine? How does it make you feel throughout the day?


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By Angy



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