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Annual Compassion Days


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As time progresses, more information will be added to each category!


Starting a Plant-based Diet


About VegFund

Who We Are

VegFund is all about you. We exist to support you, a member of a global community of vegan advocates in your efforts to inform the public about the benefits of vegan living. VegFund provides grant funding for food sampling, film screenings, vegfests and health fairs, conferences, and learning events. We can even help you bring your own ideas for innovative advocacy to life. 

Hand-in-hand with financial support is our commitment to help you maximize the effectiveness of your outreach. VegFund develops trainings for activists, curates the very best research available on plant-based living and effective advocacy, and facilitates information sharing among activists in the vegan community.

Our organization has supported vegan activists in 76 countries throughout the world. Dedicated volunteer vegan activists like you bring us closer to a compassionate, vegan world.

Our small staff and low overhead lets us direct the majority of our resources to YOU, because it’s your hard work that brings us closer to a vegan world.


Mission Statement

VegFund empowers vegan advocates worldwide through grant funding and supporting effective outreach that inspires people to choose and maintain a vegan lifestyle.


*Information/Text taken from VegFund's website *

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