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Global Gala 2021



Global Gala 2021


Music from the Gala and additional songs by performers who provided music for the event are available through the Charter for Compassion Spotify Playlist.

Believe it or not, online events can be fun. During the last three years the Charter for Compassion has proven that when the right combination of people come together, the world rises to its feet, tears flow, hearts swell and smiles encircle the globe. On November 20th, the Charter for Compassion gathered worldwide to recognize some of the most extraordinary and honorable people whose lives signify compassionate action to the 10th degree. We heard from people at the grassroots level, those working in the fields of health and scientific research, musicians who recognize their call to preserve cultural roots in addition to using their talent to educate beyond musical notes, and social justice advocates who are spurred on by small victories that collectively result in equity.

Did you miss the live event? Worry not! A recording is still available! Simply visit the tickets page to redeem access to the magic.

Hear the founder of the Charter for Compassion, Karen Armstrong, invite each of us to think beyond the present to envision a possible world of renewal. Listen as Holocaust survivor and honoree Rabbi Soetendorp reminds us that it is time for tikkun olam, a time to repair the world.

Each minute of the Gala is impactful. Hear the haunting voice of Israeli singer Shani, and her musical partner Noam, sing of the sincerity embodied in compassionate truth, and Australian singer Lior perform with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

This program embraces possibility and is sure to leave you speechless and ready to act for compassion, as we honor nine individuals who have blazed a trail for us to follow, intertwined with music that represents the soundtrack of our journey.

There are several ways to enjoy and support the Gala. Participate from your own home; invite people over to celebrate (in safety and if allowed in your locale); or if possible in safety, gather in a community space to enjoy the Gala together. We do expect that each person purchases a ticket, as it will be on the honor system. We have opted for two set prices so as not to exclude anyone.

We also offer specific sponsorship options, as an individual or an organization. Contact Lynn for more information on sponsorship.



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