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Global Gala 2021 Entertainment

Musical Performers


Musical Performers

Salman Ahmad

Salman Ahmad is a Pakistani rock star whose band Junoonhas sold over 25 million albums. A medical doctor by training, Salman currently travels the globe as a Rotary international Goodwill Ambassador, helping to eradicate Polio from the planet. He was a featured performer at the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize ceremony, alongside musical superstars such as Alicia Keys, Melissa Etheridge and Annie Lennox. He also teaches a course on Muslim music and poetry at the City University of New York’s Queens College campus. Salman spends his free time moving between Pakistan and Rockland County, New York, with his wife Samina and their three sons.


Cantare Children's Choir of South Africa

Cantare Children's Choir is a talented choir from the greater Alberton area on Gauteng's East Rand.

The Children’s Choir was founded in 1995 in collaboration with the Southern Gauteng Education Department. The Choir has excelled as one of the best children’s choirs in South Africa and has international recognition.

Their outreach program with 3 development choirs in Thokoza, Katlehong, and Tembisa was established in 2004 with sponsorship from the National Lottery Commission. In 2007 the Harmonia Girls’ Choir was established with girls from the Southern Gauteng Region and Greater Ekurhuleni.

The choirs consist of children aged between 10 and 18 from various schools in the Southern Gauteng District and Greater Ekurhuleni district. The choirs are selected from approximately 40 different schools in these regions. Currently, 210 choristers are part of our organization. Nearly eight percent of these choristers come from historically disadvantaged areas and participate in our development program. We believe that we are the largest organization of this kind in South Africa.


Ditto Duo

Ditto Duo is Michelle DeDominicis and Cyndy DiBeneditto, award winning acoustic duo playing music to recharge your soul! It is their mission to leave a positive musical footprint and they have been doing just that for many years! DITTO speaks its mind with uplifting, soulful songs. Cyndy's deep and passionate vocals and powerful rhythm guitar, along with Michelle's signature lyrical lead guitar and distinctive harmonies blend perfectly to create their unique sound. They have brought their music to venues throughout New York, the northeast, Florida and the east coast.Michelle is from New York. She has studied music theory with Sy Shaeffer, Paul Simon's mentor, as well as other prominent guitarists.  Cyndy is from Connecticut.  She picked up a guitar at 12 years old after hearing “Where do the Children Play”  by Cat Stevens.  That was the first song she learned and the guitar became her best friend.

Ditto was chosen by the readers of Rhythm and News Magazine as one of the Best Duos in New York and the Tri-State area.  They are proud members of the Positive Music Association and Empower Music and Arts.  They have been sought out by record labels but in the end decided to carve their own musical path and keep a direct connection to the fans that support them. Cyndy and Michelle are dedicated to their craft and plan on performing and recording new music for many years to come.


Aliza Hava

Ethereal. Enlightening. Medicine for the soul. Aliza Hava (“aLEEza Hah-vuh”) interlaces the elements, earth and sky, fire and water. Her transcendent voice recreates the mystical tone of Stevie Nicks, the raw soul of Janis Joplin, and the energizing strength of Florence Welch. With her award-winning infusion of folk, rock, pop and R&B, Aliza heals the tiny forgotten bits of ourselves while rekindling our memories, setting our feet on the path to return home and calling us to rise into our best versions of ourselves.

Seeking solace from a difficult childhood, Hava turned to music at an early age. Self-taught on a twenty-dollar used guitar, she found inspiration in an old songbook she discovered in her parent’s basement, 'Great Songs of the 60s.'  Fire-lit, Hava immersed herself in the history of the 60s and early 70s. The music, culture and activism helped her discover her calling for healing and ignited a drive to write songs that could change the world.

After college, Aliza began performing at and co-producing concerts at the United Nations headquarters in NYC. She earned a position as Chair of the UN International Day of Peace NGO Music Committee and went on to produce live concerts on six continents in partnership with over forty civic society, governmental and environmental organizations. While living part-time in the Middle East, Hava represented UN-related peacebuilding initiatives and worked with Israeli and Palestinian musicians promoting peace and dialogue through music. She went on to produce the internationally livestreamed concert Harmony in the Holy Land.


Daniel Nahmod

Orange County, California-based Singer/Songwriter, Producer and Humanitarian Daniel Nahmod (pronounced Nay-mod‚) has performed his profound, heart-opening original music for over one million people in 45 U.S. states and Canada since beginning his music career in 1999. His songs are recorded and performed all over the world on a weekly basis. Recent media appearances of Daniel's music include Saturday Night Live, The Voice, American Idol, The Super Bowl, and the Today Show.

Daniel's poetic and evocative message of peace, love and compassion across all nations, cultures and faiths has found overwhelming acceptance wherever he has performed and has been featured on numerous cable and radio broadcasts in more than 90 countries; at cultural festivals, interfaith and environmental fairs, workshops and conferences, youth rallies, 9/11 services; and as a keynote musical presenter at benefits for such organizations as Habitat For Humanity, Operation USA, Achievable and Anti-Defamation League. Daniel has also performed for various U.S. governors and mayors and for congressmen in Washington, D.C.  

Daniel has presented his spectacular music and message for nearly all of the world's major faiths and has worked with some of the most influential and brilliant speakers and leaders in the world -- including Jean Houston, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Mark Victor Hansen and Arun Gandhi.


Nimo Patel

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Nimo found his way to his current work in India via an Ivy League education, finding fame as a rap star with MTV and a stint working on Wall Street. His Empty Hands project works to spread seeds of goodness through its music, events and sharing across the world, as well as through grassroots, arts-based service work from the Gandhi Ashram, for underprivileged children in the slums of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Nimo tells the story of his early life, growing up in privilege and enjoying material success. After the horror of 9/11, he began to rethink his direction in life. A call from an old school friend planted a potent seed, which later led him to a brand-new adventure.

Through his work Nimo shares with us some powerful lessons received from the children, their families, and the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi during his time in India. “What does it really mean to serve? To help, to try to be of service, to see where in society we can support or alleviate suffering and be a part of the effort to do that.”


Pragnya Wakhlu

Pragnya Wakhlu is an award-winning singer, songwriter, and guitarist from India. Her passion for music led her to quit her successful career as an I.T. engineer in the USA and return to India to make music. Her songs are about inner reflection, thoughts, feelings, and issues about which she feels strongly. Her solo act is unique as she makes use of live looping and uses her guitar as a percussive instrument. She is also the front woman of the Pune-based band "Soul Strings."

Pragnya was nominated for the ‘Bite My Music’ Global Music Awards as the only Indian in the 'Best Female Vocalist Category.' She was selected by Rolling Stone Magazine to perform for the 'Divas of Rock concert' showcasing women in the rock circuit in India.

Known for her powerful vocals, soulful singing style, and deep lyrics, Pragnya is seen as the future of Indian Indie.


Daniel Akiva

Daniel Akiva is a musician and composer. Akiva studied with Haim Alexander and Haim Asulin at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem. His compositional pieces are greatly influenced by the music of the Jewish Shephardic musical traditions of his native country. In 1987, he was awarded by the Swiss Confederation for his work in performance and composition, providing the impetus for continued study which he undertook at the GenevaConservatory of Music, with studies of composition with  the lute. His work Mizmorim (psalms) won the ACUM Prize in 1990. Altogether his repertoireincludes works from the Renaissance through to the 20th century.


Central Australian Aboriginal Women's Choir

Formed in 2010, the Central Australian Aboriginal Women's Choir (CAAWC) comprises choirs from six remote indigenous communities in Australia’s Northern Territory. The CAAWC is the custodian of a continuous choral tradition going back almost 120 years when German mission pioneers first contacted the Western Arrarnta speaking community of Ntaria. 

The choir sings in Western Arrarnta and Pitjantjatjara languages, showcasing the unique tonality of their multi-lingual choral skills, musicianship, and enduring culture. This remarkable group of women – singers, artists, weavers, mothers, grandmothers, elders, and community leaders are keeping culture strong in the heart of Australia. 


Edge Improv

The EDGE Improv's riotous antics have inspired rave reviews from shrewd onlookers since the dawn of time. The troupe performs to sell-out crowds regularly with their shenanigans which have earned a devoted community of followers seeking respite from life’s wearisome details. For nearly a quarter century, The EDGE Improv has ingeniously improvised facts of all persuasion. Their promise of "imagination on demand" routinely relies on audience suggestions. The cast consists of: Andrew Shields, an award-winning composer with a degree in music from Stanford who wrote the music, lyrics, and script for the original Reefer Madness; Brahma Roget, a freelance audio producer for games and online learning; Cynthia Lair, cookbook author and star of National Public Radios,' Cookus Interruptus with over 175 videos featuring good food and improvised antics; Chris Soldevilla has been performing and teaching Improv in Boston, L.A. and Seattle for 20 years and has appeared in commercials, TV, movies and on stage; John Ellis has appeared on stage in "Noises Off," "Annie," "Born Yesterday," "Guys and Dolls" among other productions; Ken Ballenger is one of the founding members of the Edge and was the leader and mastermind behind all things Edge for over a decade; Matty Whitman is a voice-over talent who has worked closely with SandLot games for many years doing character voices for video games; and Susan MacPherson is a founding member of Seattle TheatreSports as well as a performer with None of The Above, Seattle Improv, and Unexpected Productions before joining The EDGE.


Lyla June

Lyla June Johnston is an Indigenous public speaker, artist, scholar and community organizer of Diné (Navajo), Tsétsêhéstâhese (Cheyenne) and European lineages from Taos, New Mexico.

Her messages focus on Indigenous rights, supporting youth, traditional land stewardship practices and healing inter-generational and inter-cultural trauma.

She blends undergraduate studies in human ecology at Stanford University, graduate work in Native American Pedagogy at the University of New Mexico, and the indigenous worldview she grew up with to inform her perspectives and solutions. Her internationally acclaimed presentations are conveyed through the medium of poetry, music and/or speech. She is currently pursuing a doctoral degree at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks in Indigenous Studies with a focus on Indigenous Food Systems Revitalization.


Holly Near

Holly Near has been singing for a more equitable world for well over 50 creative years. She is an insightful storyteller through her music, committed to keeping the work rooted in contemporary activism.

Respected around the world for her music and activism, Holly released her 31st album in 2018.

One of the most powerful, consistent, and outspoken singers of our time, her concerts elevate spirits and inspire activism. A skilled performer, Holly is an outspoken ambassador for peace who brings to the stage a unique integration of world consciousness, spiritual discovery, and theatricality.

Holly's joy and passion continue to inspire people to join in her celebration of the human spirit. Equally compelling at her shows and through recordings, Holly's music fully engages listeners in the world around them - speaking to anyone who believes in peace, justice, and feminism; a wonderful spectrum of humanity.


Sydney World Music Chamber Orchestra

The Sydney World Music Chamber Orchestra melds classical strings, dervish rhythms, Latin samba, and intimate melodies to smash conservative music conventions and create a dynamic journey that changes the internal chemistry of the listener.

The structure of the Orchestra is unique and composed from a wide diaspora of cultures and traditions that imbue contemporary multicultural Australia. The array of diverse talent includes traditions from Aboriginal Australia, Mongolia, Uyghur, Vietnam, China, Croatia (and more).

New music is created and performed in diverse languages from ancient traditions to contemporary sacred pop fusions. The ensemble is about telling stories and sharing sacred music practices of culturally, linguistically, and religiously diverse artists who make up this unique Orchestra.


Zac Brown Band

Zac Brown is the founder, front man, and lead vocalist for the multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning, southern rock group Zac Brown Band. In addition to being the founding member of the Band, Brown is credited as an impactful songwriter, producer, and philanthropist.  

The Zac Brown Band sponsors Camp Southern Ground, a project dedicated to growing good in the world. Camp Southern Ground wants to be the place where children can have good fun, eat good food, connect with good friends, and learn the confidence to go make the world a better place.


Lior Attar

Lior burst on to the Australian music scene in 2005 with his debut album - ‘Autumn Flow,’ recorded and released entirely independently and spearheaded by the much-loved opening track ‘This Old Love.' Subsequent singles ‘Daniel’ and the title track ‘Autumn Flow’ both secured high rotation airplay via the national broadcaster Triple J, and further cemented this album into the hearts of the Australian public. The album was released at a time when independently funded and released records were still a rarity, Lior being one of only a handful of artists paving the way for a model that is now deemed common place. ‘Autumn Flow’ achieved Platinum status and went on to become one of the most successful independent debuts in Australian music history. A swag of accolades followed, including three Aria nominations including Best Male Artist, as well as Triple J’s prestigious ‘J Award’ nomination for Album of the Year.

Aside from writing and releasing original albums, Lior has developed a keen interest in collaboration and diversification. In 2013, Lior collaborated with renowned composer Nigel Westlake in writing a song cycle for voice and orchestra titled ‘Compassion’ consisting of original melodies and orchestration set to ancient Hebrew and Arabic texts centered on the idea of compassion. Commissioned by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, the work was premiered by Lior along with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra at the Sydney Opera House in late 2013 and subsequently went on to tour nationally in Australia with all the major state orchestras.


Clarksville, IN Elementary School

Clarksville Elementary is a school of about 500 students that provides many opportunities for students, including physical education, music, art and technology programs in addition to the traditional curriculum.

The entire Clarksville student body worked with their music teacher over the course of the pandemic school year to create this heartwarming music video to showcase their talents and to bring smiles to the world. The exuberance and enthusiasm of these young singers remind us that they are the world, they are the future, and we can all make a better day when we stand together as one.

The school's music teacher, Ms. Bodner, had the vision of putting together this schoolwide production of "We Are the World" because they were not able to have regular student performances for parents throughout the year due to COVID19. Ms. Bodner taught all students in grades K-4 the lyrics in their weekly music classes.


Emma's Revolution

Emma's Revolution is the dynamic, award-winning activist duo of Pat Humphries & Sandy O, whose songs have been sung for the Dalai Lama, praised by Pete Seeger, and covered by Holly Near. With beautiful harmonies and genre-defying eclecticism, Emma’s
Revolution delivers the energy and strength of their convictions, in an uprising of truth and hope for these tumultuous times.

Emma’s Revolution has shared the stage with Pete Seeger, Holly Near, Rev Jesse Jackson, Amy Goodman, Indigo Girls, Joan Baez, Rev William Barber and Bill McKibben and has performed at concerts, justice events and mass demonstrations across the country, including the #FamiliesBelongTogether Day of Action in San Francisco, Women’s March Oakland and the Poor People’s Campaign National Demonstration in Washington DC.

The duo’s latest CD, Revolution Now, garnered top acclaim from radio stations across the country: Top Artist #20 (after Joan Baez), Top Album #24 (after Bela Fleck) and Top Song #25 "Sing People Sing" (after Rhiannon
Giddens). Revolution Now covers issues from reproductive justice to refugees and Black Lives Matter to the sustaining power of love. “Sing People Sing” is the duo’s loving and moving tribute to Pete Seeger that captures Pete’s unique ability to empower an audience with harmony and hope. A dear friend and mentor to her, Pat was at Pete’s bedside when he passed, “singing his songs back to him in gratitude for all the times he had left home to sing to us”. Revolution Now also includes the duo’s beautiful setting of Woody Guthrie’s plaintive lyric, “Revolutionary Mind”, one of the many lyrics Woody left behind without an existing melody. With a core sound featuring their signature exquisite harmonies and acoustic guitars, the duo’s songs span styles from folk to jazz and funk to rock.



Bringing disparate groups together is central to the mission of Koolulam, a self-described “social musical initiative” whose name is a portmanteau combining the Hebrew words for “ululation” and “everyone.” The June 14 concert in Jerusalem was held in honor of Kyai Haji Yahya Cholil Staquf, secretary general of the world’s largest independent Muslim organization, the Indonesian-based Nahdlatul Ulama, which boasts 60 million members. Other performances have honored Holocaust survivors. They’ve been held in public spaces, at schools, and even in a hospital, where doctors, patients, and nurses all sang in harmony. 

Koolulam’s innovative concerts have become viral sensations on YouTube, where their videos have accumulated millions of visits. They’ve also become one of the hottest live acts in Israel. Koolulam has become so successful that what started as a side project for its founders — a film director, digital entrepreneur, and musician, respectively — has evolved into their full-time profession. They have inspired millions in Israel and beyond. And they’re now aiming to take Koolulam global. 


Carrie Newcomer

Carrie Newcomer is a songwriter, recording artist, performer and educator. She has been described as a "prairie mystic" by the Boston Globe and one who "asks all the right questions" by Rolling Stone Magazine. Carrie has 19 nationally released albums on Available Light & Concord/Rounder Records including Until Now, The Point of Arrival and The Beautiful Not Yet. Newcomer has released three books of poetry & essays, A Permeable Life: Poems and Essays, The Beautiful Not Yet: Poems and Essays & Lyrics, and Until Now: Poetry by Carrie Newcomer. Her song "I Should've Known Better" appeared on Nickel Creeks' Grammy-winning gold album This Side, and she earned an Emmy for her PBS special An Evening with Carrie Newcomer.

Recent appearances include PBS Religion and Ethics and Krista Tippett's On Being. In 2009 and 2011 Newcomer was invited by the American Embassy of India to be a cultural ambassador, resulting in her interfaith benefit album Everything is Everywhere with master of the Indian Sarod, Amjad Ali Khan. In 2013 Carrie traveled to Kenya and the Middle East, performing in schools, spiritual communities and hospitals assisting AIDS patients. In 2015 Carrie's first musical, Betty's Diner: The Musical was produced by Purdue University. In 2016 Carrie was awarded an honorary degree in Music for Social Change from Goshen College. In 2019 she received The Shalem Institutes's Contemplative Voices Award.

In recent years Carrie joined with the author Parker J. Palmer on several projects, including The Growing Edge collaboration which explores growing edges, personally, vocationally and politically. Together they create live events, personal growth retreats, and the highly rated The Growing Edge Podcast that features authors, activists, poets and musicians, and online conversation starters for book and other conversation groups. Spirituality and Health Magazine named Parker & Carrie in the top ten spiritual leaders for the next 20 years.


Noemie Tahiti

Noemie, also known as Noemie Tahiti, is a young and talented artist who plays both the ukulele & guitar and sings in French, English and the Maohi language.

Noemie lives on the island of Tahiti in French Polynesia, where she landed with her family 5 years ago. She discovered the Polynesian ukulele at school in 4th grade, and practiced ceaselessly on her school’s ukulele before receiving an amazing birthday present from her grandparents in 2018: a Makala Concert Ukulele.

In the year that followed, Noemie won the Le Grand Casting singing contest and began studying with vocal coach Bruno Demougeot, and began performing. Further, Noemie successfully passed the blind auditions of The Voice Kids France. Within the same year, she has recorded and released three original songs written by her parents (“Rendez-vous,” “Porinetia mon Amour,” and “Dear Mister Presidents.”)



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