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Amanda Winnington-Ingram

Amanda Winnington-Ingram is a L'Arche Daybreak artist from Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.


Amanda Winnington-Ingram

Amanda Winnington-Ingram has been an artist all of her life.

When she joined the Craft Studio she was able to take her work to a new level. She creates handmade pottery, candles, paper, and one-of-a-kind watercolour and acrylic paintings. Amanda draws and paints in great detail and loves to use bright colours.

As well as her work at the Craft Studio, Amanda works at the Daybreak Office. 

Reproduction - Starry Night
The original of the reproduction digital print (Starry Night) is an acrylic on canvas painting. It was painted in 2013 as part of a project Homage to Famous Artists.

The process was to look at paintings of great painters, learn the techniques, and create an homage painting while adding a personal interpretation.



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