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Global Gala Gallery


Popular Mexican Art Since 1950, located in Monterrey, Mexico.

We are a Mexican Folk Art Gallery devoted to bring you the best of Mexican folk art since 1950. Our passion is to find and safely deliver to you the most exquisite, fine and exclusive pieces of Mexican folk art.

Our mission is to widespread Mexico´s culture through Mexican Folk Art of which we have a very select & fine collection available at our online store.

Our history dates back to 1950 when Humberto Arellano, nephew of the former Education Minister Moises Saenz founded Carapan, a Mexican folk art gallery located in a colonial house at the core of downtown Monterrey, Mexico.

Since then, we have had the opportunity to serve and to share a part of Mexico with our visitors. We have had the honor to receive heads of state, painters, scientists, poets, intellectuals, diplomats, business people, and musicians, among others.

It has been our philosophy to transmit the love for Mexico, its culture and traditions through the objects created by the most talented artists of our country. We want to be closer to those who share the love and passion for Mexican folk art by using the best tools that technology can provide.

Your shopping helps to keep alive our traditions and support the work of talented craftsmen´s families, with whom we work directly on a fair-trade basis.

As the third generation of this business, our goal is to continue the good job our predecessors have done by selecting our pieces with care and love, seeking for originality, technique, tradition, fine materials, design and aesthetics.



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