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Global Gala Gallery

Don Hazeltine

Don Hazeltine is an artist living with his wife and their dog on Bainbridge Island, WA, USA.


Just as everything we see with our eyes has a description, we may also look closely at the living objects of the world and experience an endless fascination, and finally a mystery, with no description possible.
This is what the painted surface is - a describable image which also has this same depth, made from the same substance.

My methods of working involve a process of creating uncertainty in the behavior of the materials. While my intention is known to me, I nevertheless rely on only the simplest of ideas to begin, and then watch as the picture unfolds, making and destroying and remaking the image as I work. 

I've spent many years searching through the relationship between scattered fragments of memory and the indescribable mystery that memory implies. Now my attention is turned toward the ancient and present natural treasures of the Northwest region; the light, the land, the water, the wondrous beings we share them with, and the common archetypes native to this blessed place. The mystery, of course, remains.

It's not blindingly original, and perhaps not sufficiently cynical for some, but what results from these journeys will most certainly be truthful.



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