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Jacks McNamara

Jacks McNamara is a genderqueer, neurodivergent writer, artist and activist living in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.


jacks McNamara

Jacks McNamara is a genderqueer, neurodivergent writer, artist, activist, podcaster, educator, performer, and healer based on the Tewa land called O’ga P’ogeh and also known today as Santa Fe, New Mexico. Jacks is the co-founder of The Icarus Project, a participatory adventure in radical mental health and mutual aid now known as The Fireweed Collective. In 2012 Jacks was selected as a Lambda literary fellow, and their first book of poetry, Inbetweenland, was released by Deviant Type Press in 2013. Jacks hosts the podcast So Many Wings, which is a series of conversations at the intersection of transformative mental health and social justice.

Co-author of Navigating the Space Between Brilliance and Madness, Jacks' writing has appeared in numerous publications, blogs, and zines.

A lifelong artist and designer, their creations have been shown across the US and Canada, as well as appearing on the covers of books and magazines, in posters, and on the web. Most recently Jacks' work was shown at Form & Concept gallery in Santa Fe. You can find a full list of Jacks' exhibitions, including those in Santa Fe, San Francisco, New York, and Vancouver, on their CV.

Since 2004 Jacks has spoken, facilitated workshops, and performed across the US, Canada, and Europe, at venues ranging from the US Social Forum and the UK Feminist Health Gathering to numerous universities, queer art spaces, high schools, and activist centers. A dynamic presenter with the ability to capture a group's imagination and facilitate community-building conversations.



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