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Julie Maggi

Julie Maggi is an Italian artist and writer, who loves to travel the world.


Julie Maggi was born in Italy, in a small fishing village on the coast of the Ionian Sea. On a trip in Paris in her teens, she discovered the world of French comic books and, in the Musée d'Orsay, became enchanted by the beautiful impressionist paintings. She decided to spend her life painting and drawing.

Back in Italy, Julie enrolled in Rome's School of Comics, and later in the Academy of Fine of Arts, where she studied Classical Painting and, some years later, graduated with Honors. Julie entered the world of work as an inker, graphic designer and colourist for various publishers. Then, at 21, started a blog that became - four years later - her first novel: "Elenoir" .

Since then, she has spent her life inventing characters, illustrating comics, writing books (many of which are available in several languages on Amazon) and exploring as much of the world as she can. She has travelled and lived in Belgium, France, Greece, Israel, Mexico, Palestine, Portugal, Turkey, United States, Uruguay, Great Britain, Morocco, Japan, Germany, and Spain, where she spent a whole month marching from the very south of France across the north of Spain on the Camino de Santiago, where she met wonderful people, saw amazing things and really hurt her feet! 

In her free time, Julie loves to continue exploring the world, visiting exhibitions, practising yoga, and running. She has also developed a strange new obsession with learning ancient skills like pottery, basket weaving, and making bread. You never know, they might come in useful one day.



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