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Myorian Studio

Myorian Studio is a collaboration of artist Dave Myers and Kelly Asadorian. Indianola, Washington, USA.


Myorian Studio

Myorian Studio is a collaboration of artist Dave Myers and Kelly Asadorian.

Making works together has always made sense to us. From our earliest conversation we have felt bonded together by sharing a mutual appreciation for art as practice and it's history.

Our ideas come from our everyday surroundings. We have a beach and the woods and a garden that provides much of the content of our images. We have the great fortune of having over 15 years of experiences working together. We have seen, shared and talked through a lot of ideas as well as produced a large body of work. Most importantly we have a deep level of appreciation, love, trust and respect for each other. 

Dave works in metal, hand cut and graphic, to represent the composition and linear backbone of their collaborative works. Kelly works with kiln formed glass. The materials radiance and color is shaped to represent the uncovered essence and visual weight of the art. The pieces in our studio carry on that conversation, with a playful confidence, knowing that we are working off of each other’s intuitions.



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