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Veneta Pavlova

Veneta Pavlova better known as LaVeVa, is a 17 year old artist from Plovdiv, Bulgaria.


veneta pavlova

Veneta Pavlova, better known as LaVeVa, is a 17 year old Bulgarian artist who studies French, Russian and English in the Language School of Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

She gets her inspiration from historical events, ancient mythologies, music and nature. For the vivid teenager, change and knowledge are the most important things.

Her biggest dream is to become a fashion designer who will create an extraordinary world. At her tender age, she has won drawing competitions and had plenty of solo-exhibitions in the most popular cultural and art centres in Europe. LaVeVa participated in many projects with other painters, poets, musicians and dancers, such as the entertainment “Little Ladies” and the festival “Ecology of the Soul”. 

LaVeVa’s great performance was the fashion show “We, You,They” in the Plovdiv Gallery 2019 in the European Capital of Culture, where she created 8 sketches with fragments of modern art acrylic paintings and turned them into real walking costumes. Her artworks are a combination of different materials and techniques, including digital art and animated pictures.

She believes that beauty is natural and fragil.



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