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Global Gala Gallery

Zahava Sherez

Argentina, Israel, USA, Chapala, Mexico.


zahava sherez

ZaHaVa Sherez was born in Argentina, grew up in Israel, and moved to the USA in 1985. Since 2018 she has been living and working both in California and Jalisco, MX. 

Being multi-cultural and multi-lingual has enriched her life in indescribable ways. And experiences such as immigration, wars, and oppression have been implausible teachers who deepened and shaped ZaHaVa’s worldview. 

As an artist she draws from her life lessons and has used stone, clay, resin, bronze, mixed media, and color, to convey her messages. 

ZaHaVa s the recipient of numerous awards, and her work has been shown from California to New York and all the way to Paris, China, Corsica, and Mexico. Private and corporate collectors in the USA, Israel, The Netherlands, Australia, Argentina, Puerto Rico, England, Chile, and Mexico, own her art. 

Zahava is fluent in English, Spanish, and Hebrew.


Artist Statement 

I am an international contemporary artist living and working in California and in Chapala, Mexico. I am multi-cultural and multi-lingual. I come from a long lineage of immigrants and refugees and am a citizen of four countries across three continents.       

The sculptures I made from the early 1990s till 2017, were aimed to raise the consciousness about ‘the other’, the immigrant, the refugee. With these pieces, I was both finding my identity and speaking for my ancestors.  

By 2017, though, I wanted my art to address my beliefs about all of humanity. The wonderful cultures I lived in taught me that our similarities as humans are far greater than our wonderful differences. These similarities are fundamental and belong to One People.  

I was called to create the InBodied Light series as a visual representation of the message We Are One. By holding the possibility that the division of humanity into ‘sub-races’ is a man-made fabrication, we can consider looking at ourselves with new eyes, to grasp the notion that we are one race. That is the purpose of this project - to create and share these silent and powerful Beings that are transforming with their presence.



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