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Special Events

Global Gala 2023


Global Gala 2023

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Opening of the Banquet

Charter for Compassion Banquet and the Karen Armstrong Humanitarian Awards

The Karen Armstrong Humanitarian Awards

Ron Nirenberg, presented by former Louisville, KY mayor, Greg Fischer;
Valarie Kauer, presented by Board member Anum Mulla and accepted by Tracey Garcia;
Charles Barker, presented by Charter for Compassion Sector Leads, Kate Trnka and Donna Mills, accepted by Conoly Barker; and
Scarlett Lewis, presented by Board Trustee Gard Jameson.


Marianne Williamson, Gard Jameson and Marilyn Turkovich

The Finale

Pato Banton and Antoinette Rootsdawtah Hall

Charter for Compassion Display Area


Retreat gathering after the Parliament


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