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Ubuntu 2024

Pricing + Licensing


Pricing + Licensing

Purchase and License Cost Sheet for Ubuntu Now

Purchase and License Cost Sheet for Ubuntu Now License Fee for the film: $795

The fee allows for direct purchase of the film with the opportunity of showing the film multiple times within the organization, business or educational institution that purchased the film. It should not be shared between other entities. It is understood that those who purchase the film respect this contract with the Charter for Compassion. Ubuntu may be shown as a fundraiser for any organization that purchases the license. The film comes with a downloadable guide filled with discussion questions, interactive activities and suggested projects that encompass the deep meaning of Ubuntu.


Individual Cost for the Full-Length Documentary: $29.95

Individuals can purchase Ubuntu for personal showings within their homes for their own viewing pleasure. The Charter for Compassion encourages individuals to invite friends, relatives and colleagues into their homes to view the film and use the Ubuntu Guide to facilitate discussion of the meaning of the film.


Individual Cost for the Short Film, The Spirit of Ubuntu: $10.95

This four minute film comes with a curriculum guide that can be used in schools and as a part of any educational training. Designed to promote conversation and application for all ages, The Spirit of Ubuntu quickly gets to the meaning of Ubuntu, I am because we are.



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