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Ubuntu 2024




Banton, Pato. Ubuntu Now!

Reggae Legends, Pato Banton & Antoinette Rootsdawtah present this amazing video to share the All-Embracing message and philosophy of Ubuntu and to highlight some of their experiences during their 3 month journey to 12 countries across Africa to film the upcoming documentary called "The Spirit of Ubuntu!" The purpose and destiny of this project is to present the meaning and values of Ubuntu across all regions of Africa and around the world. By creating a Video Documentary that focuses on the Social, Ethical, Moral and Universal aspects of Ubuntu and how it can be applied in practical life situations, will allow teachers and leaders the opportunity to share these valuable lessons with their respective communities and hopefully inspire the next generation to become enthusiastic activists to bring about more peace and global progress. Let’s bring the Spirit of Ubuntu to the world!

So we invite you to participate to make this Vision become a Reality!


Butler, Jonathan. Ubuntu. (Porkpie Productions, 2023).

GRAMMY®-nominated singer-songwriter/guitarist Jonathan Butler was born in South Africa under the shadow of apartheid and raised in poverty. While still a teenager, his first single broke down racial barriers, becoming the first song by a non-white artist to be played on South African radio. He went on to earn multiple GRAMMY nominations and recognition for his music and his humanitarian work.

Legendary singer-songwriter Jonathan Butler traveled back to his home country of South Africa to craft his most exciting and deeply personal album to date.

Featuring producer/bassist Marcus Miller, Ubuntu is a reintroduction of Butler’s life story, going back 60 years to his upbringing in apartheid-era Capetown, which shaped his world view, prompted years of advocacy and instilled the ideology of ‘Oneness’ (Ubuntu). Featuring special guests Keb’ Mo’ and Stevie Wonder, the new album serves both as a rebirth of musical creativity and reconciliation with systemically biased history to forge a brighter future.


Hayes, Mark. Ubuntu. (The Lorenz Corporation, 2020).

"Ubuntu" is a South African concept meaning that "a person is a person through other people." Is not a choir a community of singers, all blending our unique voices together to create something better than we are by ourselves? Set in an energetic call-and-response style, the infectious melody provides a great vehicle to teach syncopation and themes of unity.


Palm Peaches Young Singers. Ubuntu. (Saturn Sound Studios, 2013).

"Ubuntu" Young Singers of the Palm Beaches Celebrate 10 Years with an original piece by composer Mark Hayes. Executive Director Beth Clark, Artistic Director Shawn Berry, Audio and Video Production Saturn Sound Studios, West Palm Beach.

Palm Peaches Young Singers


Sesame Street Ubuntu Series. Available on YouTube.

Rooted in Sesame Street’s holistic "whole child" ideology, an approach that has stood the test of time over more than 50 years, Takalani Sesame’s mission is to help kids grow smarter, stronger and kinder.

Not only do the colorful Muppet characters charm kids with song and dance while teaching basic literacy and numeracy skills, they also go a step further, helping them to develop traits such as resilience, persistence, creativity, collaboration, appreciation of diversity, emotional expression and, perhaps most importantly, ubuntu.

We all know that the world could benefit from a little ubuntu right now, which is at the centre of the recently launched new season of Takalani, as the show seeks to nurture a culture of kindness and acceptance.

One of the aims of Takalani Sesame is to get parents more involved in the social, intellectual and emotional development of their children – particularly during those crucial first six years of life when their brains are so receptive to stimulation.

This can help parents know what’s preoccupying a child and can be an avenue into those tough conversations. And for children from less advantaged homes and troubled backgrounds, programes like Takalani Sesame can help provide a bedrock of education, friendliness and stability. Watch the Sesam Street Ubuntu Series (YouTube playlist)


Vang-Pedersen. Ubuntu (World Edition, 2018).

 "We are human only through the humanity of others" This is the essence of Ubuntu according to Nelson Mandela who today would have celebrated his 100th birthday.

We honor his legacy with the song Ubuntu in celebration of the South African philosophy, saying: "I am, because we are"

Ubuntu World Edition featuring Dopplers & Papaya (Denmark), Ndlovu Choir (South Africa),Grupo UPA (Brazil), Paramabira (Indonesia), Toy Choir (Australia) and singers from RAMA Summer Camp 2018 from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Latvia, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Hungary and Switzerland.

Music, lyrics, arrangement, concept & Idea by Astrid Vang-Pedersen.

Additional arrangement by Ralf Schmitt & Kasper Borchersen.

Sound Producer Henrik Birk Aaboe.

Video Producer Mikkel Suppras.



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