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Waging Peace


Many individuals and several organizations have helped to promote and contribute to Waging Peace.  In addition to the credits listed below we wish to acknowledge the contributions of Bill McMillian from the Welcome Home Project,, an organization that bridges the voices of veterans and civilians.  Melissa Storms, an instructor at North Seattle Community College and Sarah Zale, instructor at Edmonds Community College and Shoreline Community College, who engaged their students in an on-going discussion on the issues of war, peace, grief and healing and who initiated a lively discussion of these topics on our Voices social network.

We also wish to extend our thanks to Lynn de Vree, Fay Krokower and Margaret Stine who combed through these pages for consistency, accuracy and lending their observations to creating a better product.  While creating a traditional book is one thing, designing an on-line edition presents its own challenges and possibilities.  Otts Bolisay of the Voices staff enthusiastically took on the role of making this publication come alive for the Voices internet version.

Other acknowledgements include :

Foster High School, Tukwila, Washington .  The students of Foster High School offered contributions to Waging Peace from several projects: a 2007-08 Seattle Arts & Lectures Writers in the Schools (WITS) residency with poetry teacher Merna Ann Hecht and partner teachers Tracy Manzel and Kjell Stroomer. The residency also included the War Stories Project with immigrant students who had experienced war. This project was facilitated by Ms. Hecht with partner teacher Emily DeJulio; and the 2009 Stories of Arrival Project sponsored by Voices [Education Project], Bread for the Journey, The Institute for Poetic Medicine in Palo Alto, California and Jack Straw Productions.  Poetry teacher Merna Ann Hecht designed the project and collaborated with ELL teacher Carrie Stradley. 

Writers from the 2007-2008 WITS Anthology, Here on the Pulse of a New Day include : Abdi Ahmed, Marijana Ciric, Yasmin Elmi, Kerby Fleurine, Gerald Gutierrez, Mujo Kicic, Ivona Ogramic, Sara Paponjak, Toun Soun, and Yonas Woldermichael.

Contributions from The Stories of Arrival: Youth Voices anthology include : Monia Hamam, Buntu Redempter and Maryam Sami. Selected poems from these anthologies and others are archived on KBCS—91.3 FM (Bellevue , WA ) and Stories of Arrival can be viewed in its entirety on the Voices [Education Project] website:

Renny Golden.  The poem, “Guatemala, Nunca Mas” was originally published in The Hour of the Furnaces, MN: Mid-List Press, 2000; and in Tribes, “God Poems,” 2006;  and “Six Plum Trees” was published in Dogwood: A Journal of Poetry and Prose,  Spring/Summer,  2008.

Merna Hecht.  The poem, “Tell Me” is reprinted from Kaleidoscope, The Effects of War: Mind, Body and Spirit, “#57, Summer/Fall, 2008, Akron, OH: Kaleidoscope Press. “Kitchen Confidential” first appeared in the Jack Straw Writers’ Anthology 2008, Seattle, WA: Jack Straw Productions.

Harry Longstreet. “Peace and War: A Triptych” first appeared in a national juried exhibition at the Albert Schweitzer Institute at Quinnipiac University in 2007, observing the 50th anniversary of Schweitzer's call for nuclear disarmament. The left panel exhibited on its own in Chicago at the Daley Center in 2008 for International Peace Day.

Karen Malpede.  Prophecy, an excerpt from Karen Malpede’s play that appears in Waging Peace first premiered at the New End Theatre, London, September 2008 and is used with permission.

McClure Middle School, Seattle, Washington.  The opening excerpts from students’ writings include the voices of Lazarus Daikos, Madison Dizon, Noah Gamache, Dan Huynh, Kate Harvey, Sofia Simonton Siegel and Zoe Taylor; and the poems of Tristan Alving, Luisa Chan, David Goodlett, and Joe Volk; and the illustration, “Harmonizing Notes” by Hana Broadbent.  These pieces were originally contained within an anthology of sixth grade writing, With All the Harmonizing Notes of a Beautiful Song: The Dream of Peace in the Middle East.  The anthology was made possible by the support of the Heritage Institute's World We Want Teacher's Grant Project.  McClure teacher Tina Anima and poetry teacher Merna Ann Hecht coordinated the project. 

Christina Pacosz.  The poem, “Summer is Fraying” first appeared in Letters to the World, Red Hen, 2007.

Richard Stine.  All illustrations in Waging Peace, with the exception of “To the end of all possibilities” by Richard Stine originally appeared in his book The World Art World of Richard Stine, published by Welcome Books (1994) and are used with permission.  “To the end of all possibilities appeared in Smile in a Mad Dog’s I (1974).


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