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Waging Peace

Craig Teichen: All Your Weapons

le beau monde:  AK-47’s, M-16’s, Apache helicopters


how kind are all your weapons?  have they heroes to endure?

do they always aim for numbers?  is their lock on us secure? 

at their barrel’s end, a flower?  do they put on love a spin?

in the carriage of their motion does each flower child win?


is their priming powder ready?  does their action have a stall?

does the script belong to many?  of the dead have they recall? 

so when we get through history … pray … what nations do they claim?

does armistice mean liberty and Hitler have a name?


how kind are all your weapons?  have they bothered death before?

do they have a sense of duty … namely:  let’s just stick to war?

do the dreams of others matter?  should we listen to their Troy?


does their fire-power chatter mean each soldier’s a good boy?

and while their strength here is not shy and people’s hopes go broke

it’s comforting to know the lie:  that war is good for folk.


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