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Waging Peace

Ivona Ogramic: Camouflage

50 pounds of clothes hit the floor

car is heated up and running

His name on all camouflage apparel

dead silence. . . .

just a savory smell of sarma

Grandma’s home cooking

we’re all waiting for someone to stand up

the clock is ticking

Bosnian family

Unknown victims, cruel inhumanity

War still spreads its deadly disease,

Highly effective

Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan,

Brother stands up,

Grandpa tears up,

A quick, “Be safe,” “I love you”

and “goodbye”

I sit and ponder

from American dream to loss of lives over gasoline

Tears build up inside of me

unable to cry,

“The one who doesn’t cry, is the one who hurts the most.”

Mom’s words echo through my head

final goodbye, and a look back

200 pound, 6’ 3 man

his one tear slides off his cheek,

universal and anonymous.

Morning rises, a

birdsong,  still silent 

Air Force plane flies by,

Mind flashes to 1997, Bosnia

playing tag until 9 pm

Mama screaming at us

to come inside.




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