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Waging Peace

Maryam Sami: My Life is Like a Dream that can never be forgotten

I remember my beautiful land, Afghanistan,

I remember having fun with friends,

I remember my dad’s wish and hope for me,

“Become a doctor to help the people”

I remember the promise of a friend,

“We’ll never leave each other until the end,”

The friend who understood my feelings and thoughts,

The one whose heart was as clean as a mirror


I remember the death of my best friend

That happened because of war

Our promise was staying together forever

Memories of Nelo, my friend,

Always remain with me,

The dark time when I lost her

I remember the beautiful park

Where all the women go on Wednesday with a new Bride,

I remember the ice cream shop in front of the mosque

Where all the people were going after they prayed to God


I remember the terrorists, the worst people, like wild animals

Who came in and spread fear like a dark cloud

I remember when they had no justice, they made us afraid

They said, “No more schools for girls, in the city where I lived.

I remember my green motherland,

That was destroyed and became full of red blood in the streets

I remember the sounds of screaming

When a mother lost a daughter

When a son lost his father

When a child lost her parents during the war


I remember when my life’s sun came out

I remember when I came to USA like a free bird

My hope is to see my motherland

As a free country forever and ever until the end of my life  


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