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Waging Peace

Monia Haman: My Life

My life is like a diary book

like a big piece of paper

you can write anything on it

you can draw many things too.


My life is like pencil colors,

there are hot colors,

there are cold colors,

in Iraq we have two seasons

Summer, so hot

Winter, so cold

there are light colors, the bright morning

there are dark colors, the beautiful nights

with a big white moon shimmering

from the far sky,

with bright stars waving to us with a big smile.


I remember when I was young, Baghdad at night

was like a big golden box

full of colorful jewels

like a mother trying to protect her children each moment

like a source of love, safety and fun.

But, now she is old, exhausted

vulnerable, dismayed,

grieving for losing thousands

of her strong children.


All because of what?

Because of the Iraqi war.




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