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Waging Peace

Muhammad Yunus Khan: Preaching Peace

I love to see peace,
you love to see peace,

Jasmine loves peace,
Mark Wilson loves peace-
and prosperity.
Every where on the land,
there is talk for peace-
and prosperity.
But the both-
Peace and Prosperity
are more costly than that of
gold and silver.
Please run for peace,
Please Preach for Peace,
In the North - In the South,
In the East - In the West.
Please carry love for peace,
You carry love for mankind
irrespective of class, creed-
and colour.
Please abandon talking of:
the 1st and 2nd World War,
avoiding pollution:
in the air, on the land,
as also in our thinking.
We are more civilized today,
Even though we have faced-
terror on 9/11 and 7/7.
We must talk of peace,
We must talk of prosperity,
and fraternity among the


diverse community

on the land.
Why not call for
Roundtable conferences
to solve the dilemma
of terror.
Countries: seeking peace
and prosperity come forward
and arrange a Roundtable
conference to sort out solutions
for peace.
Already there is support-
of philanthropists,
of truth seekers,
of noble persons who
seek peace and prosperity.
Readers Please! we are dwellers-
of a global village,
we must understand-
each other to bring
Peace and Prosperity.
Lastly, I look towards heaven
and pray for peace-
and prosperity.



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