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Waging Peace

Richard Stine: Madmen


                                                                                        Madmen in Conflict--Richard Stine

How do you objectify fear once you’re so involved in a situation that it goes psychologically out of control?

How does one step back from the self-protection mechanism that injects complicated situations with an overabundance of emotion?

Sometimes willing yourself to be courageous through it all does not work.  The emotions well up and overtake one’s good intentions so much that having control never gets past being just a good idea.

My experiment right now is to attempt to lessen the emotional complications by communicating as simply as I can—to try not to feel that I have to attack or be on the defensive when I have to deal with a tough situation.  Just express the truth as I see it, and then let things develop the way they will, without trying to force them one way or another.



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