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Waging Peace

Sara Paponjak: Empty Night

Everybody knew her,

but she didn’t know herself.


Her first steps were through

a stormy city, Sarajevo.


Her smile was dented, as the war

progressed in Bosnia, it was 1991,

her eyes were hollow

and her face like stone


Everyone knew she was tall,

but did everyone know

how tainted her heart was.


Her childhood was a smeared painting

she ran from it,

who wouldn’t run from the noise                                                        

of gun shots, the feeling of loneliness

and the sight of darkness,

still she stood in the rain,

she soaked in every regret.


As much as the dirt roads

and shattered memories

are a piece of her past,

her future is brighter

than a burning fire

in Sarajevo

during an empty night.



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