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Waging Peace

Voices of Children at McClure Middle School Seattle, Washington


Peace and War: A Triptych—Harry Longstreet


The day of peace we will destroy all the things that keep you out or shoot at you.

Lazarus Daikos


When the guns lay rusted from disuse, war will become a distant memory from long ago.

Madison Dizon


Leaders are followers of peace.

from a poem by Noah Gamache, “Followers”


When we connect with our minds, rather than our fists, the world will be a silent forest in a still night.

Dan Huynh


When my room is done it will be blue with the kindness of the world inside of it.  I can’t wait for the blue of peace.

from Kate Harvey’s poem, “Blue Peace”


When the citizens of the world step into each other’s shoes, we shall all realize that if we all pitch in, we can solve our problems and become one peaceful nation.

Sofia Simonton Siegel


The day we stop killing off our own species, our world will become a book with no more torn pages.

Zoe Taylor


I am the book of humankind; my pages are made of peace

from Zoe Taylor’s poem “I Am”



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