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Photo by Victim Offender Mediation Project

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In Pursuit of Paradigm: A Theory of Restorative Justice

Not all Justice Served in a Courtroom: Ex-vandals Grateful for Second Chance through Restorative Justice

Can Forgiveness Play a Role in Criminal Justice?

'Beyond Forgiving' in London: A Journey of Forgiveness

Life Comes From It: Navajo Justice

Healing from Harm and Unlearning Violence

What’s Love Got to Do with It?

When Killer and Victim’s Mother Meet, Paths From Grief, Fear and Guilt Emerge

After the Pain, a Chance to Meet and Forgive

From Individual Rights to the Beloved Community: A New Vision of Justice

'I Needed my Voice to be Heard': Readers on Restorative Justice

Dear Governor, Please don't Execute the Man who Murdered my Father

The Restorative Justice Wager: The Promise and Hope of a Valued Based, Dialogue-Driven Approach to Conflict Resolution for Social Healing



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