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Global Challenges, Dutch Solutions

Dutch businesses and knowledge institutions together constitute the engine of innovation, and they continually make a major contribution to solutions for all sorts of societal challenges. The approach to these challenges goes hand in hand with the development of new products and services. In this context, societal challenges form key growth markets for the business community.

The solution to many of the European, or even global, challenges demand European collaboration. Prime examples are the preservation of the environment, building and maintaining an efficient and sustainable transport system or tackling flooding. These challenges do not simply stop at the Dutch border. It is therefore very important that the European Union will devote sufficient attention to these areas through its research and innovation programme, Horizon 2020.

It is also important that the Netherlands' Top Sectors are connected with Horizon 2020 in order to deploy and enrich our expertise and knowledge in Europe and beyond. In other words: global challenges, Dutch solutions!

In this brochure, we show that Horizon 2020 holds significant opportunities for the Top Sectors. The match between the agendas of the Top Sectors and the societal challenges emerging from Horizon 2020 is considerable. It shows that Horizon 2020 offers a wide range of initiatives for Dutch parties to get involved in.

Our starting position for successful participation in Horizon 2020 is therefore excellent. I hope that Dutch businesses, whether large enterprises or SMEs, knowledge institutions or non-governmental organisations are inspired by this brochure to seize the opportunities presented by Horizon 2020.

Read the entire brochure (PDF)



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