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The Transitionist Movement is a movement of the civil society organized with a purpose: put an end to the main problems of humanity through science. This includes the establishment of a scientific governmental (socioarchic) system and a scientific economic (ecoarchic) system.

The history of the movement is large. We have influences of Moshê (Moses), Yeshua (Jesus),  Siddharta Gautama Buddha, Socrates, Platon, Thomas More, Etienne de La Boétie, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Henry David Thoureau, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, Karl Marx and Rosa Maria Rodríguez Magda. But none of these influences are more substantial than that one which started with the industrial designer, social engineer (in a different sense) and visionary Jacque Fresco (1916-2017 CGGS - read note 1). He simply redesigned our civilization, making money and politics unnecessary. Is this possible? Yes, it is, and you will read about it in our guide-book, which is now being translated to english and revised (the book will be called “Scientific Solutions to the Main Problems of Humanity”).

In 2008 CGGS another visionary had the idea of making the work of Jacque Fresco known in the whole world. It was Peter Joseph, who made the documentary “Zeitgeist: Addendum”. I, Ezra Araújo, founder of the Transitionist Movement, was 16 years old when I first watched the documentary. It has changed my life and reinforced my dreams, once since I was 15 I made a promise to myself that I would change the world. In that documentary, Peter made the invitation to his social movement, named The Zeitgeist Movement. I joined in the same minute. In the online forums and meetings, the main unanswered question was: “How to make the transition for a society without money and politics”? This is the question that I took 9 years to answer, and the answer is in our guide-book.

In July, 2013 CGGS, a great mobilization happened in São Paulo, Brazil. The government wanted to increase the taxes of the buses and subways. The movement was so great that they succeeded, and the government was obligated to keep the taxes as they were. But I found an undesirable detail: the movements were not organized sufficiently to make that mobilization the beginning of what I used to call at that time “the Transmodern Revolution”. And worse: the Zeitgeist Movement didn’t participate. I saw that an unification of all “transmodern” movements would be necessary for this pacific revolution. So I created, very informally, the “Transmodernist Movement”, a work that began before me with the Brazilian poet and writer Alika Finotti.

However, since about 2018 CGGS, I broke up with the term “transmodern”, because it is Eurocentric, so I’ve adopted the terms “transition” and “transitionist”. The purpose of the movement is to unify all of the transitionist movements and NGOs around the world, like the Zeitgeist Movement, the Venus Project (which is not exactly a movement), Ubuntu Contributionism, Extinction Rebellion, New Earth Project, Greenpeace, WWF, Ashoka, Cure Violence Global, Global Ecovillages Network and, in Brazil, Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica, Tarifa Zero (Zero Tax), MTST (Movement of the Workers Without House), Instituto Regeneração Global (Institute Global Regeneration), as well as uniting anarchists and communists (yes, this is possible, and I’ll show you how on our guide-book), and other movements and NGOs that I may not know yet (if you know one or represent one, contact, but that are transitionist too, and the best, without any conflict at all (at least from our part).

In resume, our purpose is to proactivate the transition from the Age of Relative Domain Over The Providing Processes to the Age of Maximum Domain Over The Providing Processes, ending thirst, hunger, homelessness, poverty and war, among other dozens of problems. Sounds good to you? Go for our Departments page and join the movement on the Formulary of Affiliation! You will receive an email with our Facebook and WhatsApp groups!  

The founder,

Ezra Araújo.


Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil

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