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A Red Circle

Florissant, MO, USA

Partners A-E

A Red Circle (Florissant, MO, USA)

Reading and promoting substantial investment into North St. Louis County, MO, USA  


A defines the singular geographic focus of  our mission

RED represents the blood that flows through all of us

CIRCLE illustrates that we are all connected, by humanity, in motion, transforming and evolving as individuals and as a part of a grater community. 


The idea for A Red Circle took root as founder Erica Williams researched St. Louis’ real estate history and discovered the tie between racial tensions and the past racist laws and public policies. She decided that a substantial investment into North St. Louis County was necessary to provide equitable relief to the region.

Since its genesis as a nonprofit in 2017, A Red Circle has directly impacted thousands of lives. The team, now 20 employees strong, develops and executes life-enriching programming in employment, education, holistic living, policy and arts.



To promote community betterment in North St. Louis County, through a racial equity lens.



Spaces and opportunities in North St. Louis County that will lead to good health and economic prosperity.


Sustained, focus attention to the racial equity issues that impacts North St. Louis County

Employment: Offer fellowships and internships to deserving youth and young adults.

Education: Commit to improving outcomes for North St. Louis County students.

Holistic Living: Work for food security and healthy food access in the region.

Policy: Emphasize voter registration and advocacy for the region.

Arts: Creatively support holistic living and educational pursuits through the power of art.

Relationship to Other Charter for Compassion Sectors and Programs: Arts, Cities, Business, Education and Healthcare.


Contact Information

6439 Plymouth Ave., Suite #W130, 

St. Louis, MO  63133


Email: Contact

Website: A Red Circle