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A Step Up Community

Little Rock, AR, USA

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A Step Up Community (Little Rock, AR, USA)

Let us bring all our adolescent children of all colors, races, religions, and creeds into a future of Information Technology/Recreation/Hortacultural Center.

Help build a world that teaches us how to celebrate our differences and unites us as a the nation. The compassionate volunteers will lead by stellar example.

A Step Up Community will become a refuge. With the help of many we will have an ongoing effort into building new values and bring to life with it, a new way of life: environmental skills concerning their bodies and the earth. A wonderful new innovative culture with a new way of life for our leaders of tomorrow!!

Let's start this in the heart of the south, right here in Little Rock, Arkansas..

♥ A Step Up Community Indoor Park/ Recreation and Hortacultural Center will be the very building blocks of work ethic, wholesome recreation fun and education for the development of the 21st century child. By providing a necessary dynamic of resources and opportunities to further growth in developing better citizens. The adolescent youth leadership build will cultivate people who will want to contribute as well as learn to work in a team setting environment...In a state of the art community center

WHY? Little Rock City, Arkansas is underdeveloped and needs the whole community to be uplifted.. Be an American hero and nominate "A Step Up Community fund" You will be boosting up our economy, build more job, create more opportunity all while inspiring the youth of tomorrow to be better leaders in the future...Help A STEP UP COMMUNITY FUND help others so they can help themselves!! And remember we rise by lifting others..hug!  



Little Rock, Arkansas, USA



Facebook page: Grassroots Arkansas



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