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Academy of Creative Healing Arts

Fort Myers, FL, USA

Partners A-E

Academy of Creative Healing Arts (Fort Myers, FL, USA)

The Academy of Creative Healing Arts aims to inspire you to get I touch with your inner vision, wisdom, and passions and lead the creative, fulfilling and healthy life you desire. The Academy provides:

  • Private Art Instruction and Classes on creative fun with watercolor painting.
  • Classes and Workshops on arts and healing and creating soul mail (visual images and poetic messages received from the soul during meditation).
  • Certified Life Coaching for the artist within to create mind/body/spirit health, release procrastination and creative blocks, use your gifts to the fullest and live with purpose.
  • Creative Inspiration Circles for bringing people together to support one another in making important changes to create the life they love.
  • Bookmarks, note cards and paintings of original watercolor art inspired from nature and experiences that bring beauty, hope and joy to the journey of life.
  • Susan’s blog as a place for sharing what inspires us to live creative, healthy and fulfilling lives.
  • Resource and links to arts and healing organizations and books.



Fort Myers, FL



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