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Alive Inside Foundation

Cleveland, OH, USA

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Alive Inside Foundation (Cleveland, OH, USA)

Our Mission

The Alive Inside Foundation is a social profit organization dedicated to expanding human connection. We use the power of music and story to create meaningful, shared connections aimed at healing a widening generation gap and inspiring a vibrant vision of aging for all.


Our Goals

Create educational programs and technologies that:

  • Cultivate empathy and connection between youth and elders,
  • Support the use of Music as a vehicle of connection,
  • Help reduce the overuse of antipsychotic drugs in elder care.


We will not rest until:

  • Aging is seen as part of the life journey, and not a disease to be cured.
  • Our young see the beauty in their future selves to come...
  • Personalized Music is available for everyone with Dementia who needs it.
  • The overuse of Antipsychotic medications is stopped!
  • We all hear Music’s deepest wisdom together and realize we are not alone.



New York, USA



Alive Inside



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