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American Institute of Monterrey

San Pedro, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

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American Institute of Monterrey (San Pedro, Nuevo Leon, Mexico)

In 1968 Betina Elizondo, Alma Melo and Betty Wagner founded one of the most successful private, bilingual (English-Spanish) educational institutions in the country: the American Institute of Monterrey.

Assuring quality pre-kindergarten through 9th grade education in an international context, the American Institute of Monterrey (AIM) is one of the most renowned private-bilingual schools of Mexico. Celebrating 43 years of service, the AIM is globally recognized for its high academic standing, its educational innovations, its updated technological resources, its values and leadership programs, as well as for the high performance of our students in sports.

Guided by these three visionary women and supported by their students, teachers, personnel and parents, the AIM has registered a series of benchmark events in its educational history; demonstrating its continuous commitment to look for and maintain excellence. The AIM has become a successful institution by aiming for excellence permanently since its foundation.

Today, as we look back on our prosperous history, we understand that achieving excellence would not be significant for our students without a reason to aim for it. Thus, our educational activities, operations and interactions with students, parents and the community at large are all focused on one basic premise: serving with excellence as the formula for attaining happiness.



San Pedro, Nuevo Leon, Mexico



American Institute of Monterrey

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