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Amis de Dieu

Lubumbashi, The Democratic Republic of the Congo

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Amis de Dieu (Lubumbashi,The Democratic Republic of the Congo)

Amis de Dieu is an association dedicated to the uplifting of the'' Great Orphan'' called Humanity through better understanding of the oneness of life and the practical application of this principle.   A registered non-profit, non-governmental organization, runs by youths of the central Africa/ DRCongo. We link sponsors and donors from all over the world with impoverished children in and around DRCongo, in order to support them and provide them with an education.

Our kids come to us from many different backgrounds. Some are orphans, some come from polygamous families, and some have parents who struggle to feed them. They are referred to us by families, by other religious orders in the area such as (Baptist and Episcopal churches), or simply by Divine Providence. None of them can afford to go to school without our aid. 

There is a vision to lift the hearts, to share with those who have lost trust in themselves, in others, in life itself; and realizing that we are one Humanity, and that what you or I do to help another benefits all, strikes a resonant chord in the ongoing symphony that we together are composing.



Lubumbashi, The Democratic Republic of the Congo